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Valdelsa outdoor is a unique reality in the Tuscan tourist panorama, offering the possibility of carrying out summer water activities in a unique natural environment, where the turquoise waters of the Elsa river flow: a tropical place right in the heart of Chianti and the Tuscan landscape, just fifteen minutes away from Siena, San Gimignano, Poggibonsi. The meeting point for the activities is located at the S. Marziale bridge, at the main entrance of the Sentierlesa; this is where all the excursion activities that take place on the river start. Since the Sentierelsa is a protected area, the use of vehicles is not permitted inside the reserve. This is why, at the end of all our activities, we walk the 15 minutes trail back to the starting point. Near the meeting point there are two car parks for leaving cars.


Valdelsa outdoor is the best way to spend a refreshing day in the summer, discovering the Blue Lagoon of Tuscany: an unusual and surreal environment, dominated by the turquoise of the water, the green of the riparian vegetation and the murmur of the current that rushes from the waterfalls covered with calcareous concretions. The activities are carried out in small groups, with staff capable of making you explore the place, have fun, all in full respect of nature.


At T-rafting Valdelsa you can find many outdoor & adventure offers, typically aquatic and perfect for a hot summer day. We offer activities for all needs and ages, such as soft rafting, packrafting and river trekking; the activities open every year in June and close at the end of September. Everything is done in safety with qualified and certified personnel such as rafting guides, environmental excursion guides, kayak instructors. Excursions are available in English, French, German and Japanese.