Swimtrekking in Tuscany: under construction

Swimtrekking (term used for the first time by Francesco Cavaliere with his ASD Swimtrekking)
consists of swimming along the coast with a mask, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit carrying a floating backpack containing food and materials that vary according to the duration of the journey (from dry clothes, food, mobile phone and money to the tent and sleeping bag in case of multi-day releases). The backpack can consist of a simple floating watertight container (for example a watertight bag or bins) up to a small hull designed ad hoc. This must be:
a) towed by means of a cord tied at the waist,
b) pushed in front of him,
c) easily put on the shoulder and carried like a normal backpack in the eventual return on foot.
The return on foot can be an integral part of the route that allows you to enjoy the blue path from the ground.