Rafting and outdoor in Tuscany

adventures over 400 km routes on rivers, coast and lakes


Rafting, Packrafting, Kayak, Rivertrekking

Whe are in Florence, Mugello,Val di Sieve, Val d’Elsa, Chianti, Casentino, Maremma, Siena

Our company offers an extensive array of water and land-based activities throughout the stunning regions of Tuscany, providing locals and visitors alike with unforgettable experiences in nature. The variety of activities, from rafting and kayaking to packrafting and rivertrekking, ensures there’s something for everyone, regardless of their interests or skill levels.

With a motto like “Blue Tracks in Tuscany,” you’re emphasizing both the beauty of the region’s waterways and the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with discovering them. It’s a fitting motto that encapsulates the essence of your company’s mission to provide unique and immersive experiences that blend adventure, culture, and nature.

Operating from multiple locations across Tuscany, including Florence, Mugello, Val di Sieve, Val d’Elsa, Chianti, Casentino, Maremma, and Siena, we ensures accessibility and convenience for those seeking outdoor adventures in the region. Whether navigating the tranquil waters of the Arno or exploring the rugged beauty of the Tuscan coast, each location offers its own distinct charm and opportunities for exploration.

Our affiliation with respected organizations like FIRAFT and UISP demonstrates your commitment to safety and professionalism, ensuring that participants can enjoy their adventures with peace of mind under the guidance of qualified instructors.