Weekend Swimtrekking in the Tuscan Archipelago

In the deep blue sea of the islands of Giglio, Capraia and Elba

Name: Swimtrekking Weekends in the Tuscan Archipelago
Location: Island of Giglio – Island of Capraia – Island of Elba
Itinerary: Tuscan Archipelago
Best Period: June to October
Length and duration: 2 days, with the length and duration of routes being established periodically
Price: 350 € per person (minimum age 12 years). Minimum number: 2 people. This package can be purchased from tour operator and includes the cost of dinner and accommodation with accredited structures, but excludes the cost of lunches and transportation.
Level: Easy to medium, depending on the group’s requests.

Watertrekking on the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago of Giglio, Capraia and Elba. These beautiful islands, with their crystal-clear waters, will literally take your breath away! Swimming and walking between the sea and the Mediterranean, and conquering a small secluded beach, where we will eat a well-deserved sandwich. Participants can either sleep at local facilities or, for the more adventurous, camp overnight in a tent on a remote beach.

The island of Capraia is located in the Corsica channel and is the island of the archipelago furthest from the mainland, being closer to the east coast of Corsica than the Tuscan coast. The island is of volcanic origins, with an eruption cone still visible today in Cala Rossa, certainly one of the most unique coves of the Archipelago.

The island of Giglio is located in front of Monte Argentario, and is truly a pearl worth discovering. Extending some 21 sq km, it is the second largest island of the Tuscan archipelago and is renowned for its natural beauties.

The Island of Elba is a green oasis in the Tuscan archipelago, offering infinite horizons: golden beaches caressed by crystalline waters, granite massifs immersed in scrubland, fables of people kissed always by the sun. Elba has the ability to evoke many feelings from one source.