Water Land Experience 5x

The most unique, complete and varied experience you can have in Val di Lima!

River: Coccia and Lima
Location: Ponte Coccia and Ponte Maggio (Bagni di Lucca)
Itinerario: Multi activity outdoor sports
Best Period: from June to September
Length: 3 Km duration 3 hours
Cost: 65 € / per adult and 60 € / per child(14-18 years old) – minimum age 14 years old

Type of route: this route is the most unique, complete and varied experience you can have in Val di Lima!
A unique experience designed to slip like a drop of water, from the mountain to the river…practicing 5 different activities.
We set off from ancient Vico Pancellorum, using a “ footbike”, a scooter for adults, and we ride like rainwater along the road, then, after leaving the two-wheeled vehicles behind, we will enter the forest by trekking, descending the slopes until we reach the Coccia river. Once arrived at the stream as the rainwater, we will continue to descend the river (rivertrekking), until near a monumental mill, we will find ready for us packrafts and paddles resting on a green lawn , just at the confluence with the Lima torrent. At this point, after a short break on the grass by the creek, we will descend the stretch of the Lima river from Ponte Coccia to Ponte Maggio, to finish the experience with a unique river snorkelling, in the green waters of the final pool, just under the ancient arch of the Ponte Maggio. All this with an experienced guide who will lead you safely along this unique and evocative route. A once-in-a -lifetime experience!

Water Land Experience

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