Sieve Bilancino Rafting

Navigating through forest, similar to that of a jungle

River: Sieve
Location: Bilancino, Mugello
Itinerary: Bilacino and Cafaggiolo
Best time: from July to September
Duration: 1h 15m
Price: 35€ Adult – 30€ child

This itinerary along the Sieve river is our summer proposal for rafting in the Mugello during the hottest months of the year, thanks to the release of water provided by lake Bilancino, a tourist location of note. Here we propose a descent of considerable environmental and natural interest, suitable for youngsters and families alike: in this region, the river flows through riverine forest vegetation, which, being similar to that of a jungle, encloses the course of transparent river water in a tunnel. In this type of habitat, fish, amphibia, reptiles and birds can be observed. The water being so clean and transparent, makes it particularly good for a refreshing dip, sheltered by the vegetation from the summer heat – particularly in the vicinity of the ruins of a mill, where the river forms waterfalls traversable by rafts. This terrestrial paradise is located only 5 minutes from the Barberino di Mugello motorway exit along the A1 FI-BO, continuing straight on after the Barberino discount designer shopping mall, in the direction of S. Piero a Sieve. If you would like to stay in the area overnight to explore the Mugello or spend the rest of the day relaxing in a swimming pool, we have an agreement with Mugello Verde Camping, where, for special rates, you can enjoy all of the comforts of a day by the poolside and an excellent restaurant.

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