Rivertrekking Elsa Park

Swimming and walking across the “blue lagoon”

River: Elsa
Itinerary: rivertrekking Elsa park
Location: Colle di Val d’Elsa
Best Period: from June to September
Lenght: approx 2hours – 2,0 Km
Cost:  30 €/per person

Route description: a refreshing experience through the Elsa river Park, the blue lagoon between Florence, Siena, and the Chianti countryside. The river, creating small jumps, drops and pools thanks to the deposit of limestone concretions, offers the possibility of an excursion, suitable for all, in a subtropical environment with exotic charm. Walking in the water and returning along the beaten path, you will have the opportunity to jump, dive, swim in the warm water of the river, accompanied by an Environmental Guide who will show you the characteristics of this unique ecosystem in Tuscany. The highlights are the Diborrato waterfalls, where it is said that a tank crashed in World War II, the “cave of the bear”, the “conchina” (a small basin) and , of course, the dense vegetation growing on the limestone concretions typical of this stretch of the Elsa.

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