Rivertrekking Coccia Torrent

Walking and diving into the Alpine watercourse

Torrent: Coccia
Location: Ponte Coccia (Bagni di Lucca)
Itinerary: Rivetrekking Coccia torrent
Best Period: from June to September
Lenght: 2 Km duration 2 hours
Cost: 40 € per adult – 30 € /children under 12 years old

Type of route: The Coccia torrent is an alpine watercourse , with icy and transparent water, that flows from some springs in the Natural Reserves of Campolino and Pian degli Ontani. For centuries the waters drove numerous mills whose ruins can be found walking along the river. The route takes place first through a forest of deciduous and coniferous trees, then you descend along and into the stream with neoprene wetsuit and helmet and finally dive into the pools. A shuttle will take you near an ancient place whose name is very evocative: Vico Pancellorum, from there the route goes downhill. The guide will explain to you the natural environment, the history of the valley and will accompany you in the descent of the stream to our base.

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