Rivertrekking Ciuffenna Torrent

Walking and diving into the Pratomagno water

Torrent: Ciuffenna
Location: Loro Ciuffenna
Itinerary: Rivetrekking Ciuffenna torrent
Best Period: from June to September
Duration: 2,5 hours
Cost: 40 € per adult – 30 € /children under 12 years old

Type of route: This exceptional adventure will take us to explore wild and breathtaking landscapes, alternating moments of adrenaline with moments of pure relaxation. We will start from the picturesque village of Loro Ciuffenna, where cobbled streets and stone houses will accompany us on a journey through time. Walking along ancient communication routes, we will discover pieces of history that have remained unchanged.

But when we reach the banks of the Ciuffenna River, the true wonder will unveil before our eyes. The pristine fluvial environment will welcome us with its natural slides, cascades creating water games, and natural pools with crystal-clear colors. It will be a refreshing summer afternoon, where we can cool off in the fresh water and rejuvenate our mind and body immersed in the authentic beauty of the surrounding nature.

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