Rafting in the Wild Maremma

A two-day adventure in Tuscany’s wildest region

River: Ombrone
Location: Pari, Monte Antico, Paganico, Maremma
Itinerary: Wild Maremma
Best time: from November to June
Length: from 10 (1 day) to 25 km (2 days)
Price:  1 day 70 € adults ; 2 days 130 € per person plus overnight stays and dinner (minimum 6 pax)

The wildest soft rafting experience in the heart of Tuscany. About 30 km of descent in the Maremma between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, in an uncontaminated valley where time seems to have stood still… demonstrating that one doesn’t have to go far to have an adventure! The descent takes place in an isolated environment, where the river and its wildlife are the masters… without roads, banks, bridges, and buildings, the river flows placidly in its meanderings… sand carried by the water from the Chianti sometimes gives the river a hue of yellow, where, during the hottest season, you can stop for a swim and be carried by the currents. This route is the epitome of Tuscany: hills with rounded contours covered by woods, olive groves and vineyards (this is where the famous wines Brunello di Montalcino and Montecucco are produced), solitary river beaches, pebbly shores bleached by the passing water, slow and placid currents, the sound of the wind mingling with that of all types of animals, birds of pray flying in the sky, fields full of flowers in the spring. This truly enchanting, once in a lifetime adventure, can be experienced either by camping along the river or staying at a local farmhouse with swimming pool, whatever you prefer.  Among the towns visited are Pari, Monte Antico and Paganico.

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