Rafting in the natural reserves of the Merse

Discovering the natural reserves in the “Alto Merse” or “Basso Merse”

River: Merse
Location: Colline Metallifere and the Sienese Maremma
Itinerary: Natural reserves
Best time: from November to May
Duration: full day
Price: 70 € per person (minimum 6 pax)

This rafting route in the province of Siena, through the Colline Metallifere and the Sienese Maremma, provides the perfect combination of adventure and excitement, and the chance to discover wild areas long forgotten by the region of Tuscany. Descending the Merse river, we shall discover these unique fluvial territories, elected as nature reserves, denominated “Alto Merse” near to the renowned Abbey of S. Galgano or “Basso Merse” near to the Petriolo thermal baths. The possibility of choosing between one or the other will depend upon the conditions of the water. In these incredible places, the nature is still wild, yet we find remains of ancient civilizations, the ruins of bridges and ancient water works; the river flows, without banks, through woods and areas populated by wild boars and wolves. For both routes, the adventure lasts the whole day and includes a picnic lunch halfway down the descent. This entire area is well known for its excellent tourist facilities (farmhouses, wine cellars, typical restaurants) and thermal baths, the most famous being the Terme di Petriolo… extending your visit is highly recommended!

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