Packrafting Lima torrent

in autonomy between the rapids of the torrent Lima 

Torrent: Lima
Location: Ponte Maggio e Cevoli (Bagni di Lucca)
Itinerary: Packrafting Lima Torrent
Best Period: from June to August
Lenght: 4,5 Km
Cost: 50 € /adult -minimum age 14 years old

Tipe of itinerary: This fun and refreshing activity is carried out in summer on the same rafting routes, which for the lowering of levels are no longer feasible with large inflatable boats and they can be done in autonomy and safety with a qualified guide. The pack rafting allows you to feel in control of your movements on your own boat, obviously following the instructions of an experienced guide leading you to the rapids of the river.
With your helmet, life-jacket and paddle you will be the protagonist of your adventure!

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Packrafting torrente Lima