Packrafting blue Arno

Along the blue ribbon of Casentino

River: Arno
Location: Giovi d’Arezzo, Casentino
Itinerary: Packrafting blue Arno in Casentino
Best Period: from March to June
Duration: 1h 30m
Cost: 45 €/per person. Children under 12 years old are not allowed.

Itinerary type: A mix of adrenaline, adventure, nature and history. No particular difficulties, but you have to follow the guide’s instructions to overcome some rapids and riparian vegetation.
The Arno river, near Arezzo, has blue water and flows uncontaminated for kilometers through nature and ancient villages.
In particular, we embark at the old Giovi d’Arezzo paper mill, where a frothy rapid marks the start of the route that winds through a rocky gorge bordered by woods, waterfalls, white pebbles, ancient villages and ruins.
A pack rafting trip here is truly a unique experience – a must!

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