Kayak in the Ponte a Buriano and Penna Nature Reserve

Following Leonardo’s footsteps from Ponte a Buriano to the Penna dam

Location: Ponte a Buriano
River: Arno
Itinerary: Kayak excursion
Best period: from April to September
Minimum age: 8 years old
Duration:  Approximately 2 hours
Price: €35 for adults, €20 for children under 12 years old
Level: Suitable for beginners and non beginners

Starting from the famous Buriano bridge, painted in the background of Leonardo da Vinci’s Monna Lisa, we’ll gently paddle along the wooded banks, under striking rocky cliffs and discover ravines and hidden waterfalls.

The reserve stretches for about 7 km along the Arno river, from the romanic bridge, Ponte Buriano, to the power station located downstream of the ENEL Penna dam, and includes the artificial reservoir of the dam and surrounding areas.

The landscape, characterized by gentle hills surrounding the reservoir, consists of fluvio-lacustrine sediments of different ages, with the occasional presence of crags and vertical walls.

From the Ponte a Buriano paper mill to Rondine, the Arno flows between rocks, whereas from Rondine to Penna, the river widens to form the Penna dam.

And at the end of the kayak tour you’ll enjoy a delicious tasting of local products!

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