Kayak underneath the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Discovering the Historic Centre of Florence from an Unusual Perspective

Name: Kayak underneath the Ponte Vecchio in Florence
Location: Ponte Vecchio – Florence
Itinerary: Kayak Escursionismo
Best Time: all year round
Minimum age: 12 years old
Length and duration: Approximately 1.5 hours (time to be agreed upon according to the season)
Price: 35€ per person(for individual tours, please contact us at info@t-rafting.com).
Level: Suitable for beginners and non beginners

Kayak in Florence Finally the opportunity to see this beautiful city from a completely different perspective! Covering the stretch of river from the gates of the city, with its mills, fulling mills and glimpses of the river corridor with its green river banks, this is a unique excursion, one of our memorable ‘Florence seen from the water’ itineraries.  Participants will be able to see and experience the historical city centre from its river way, providing a completely different viewpoint of its architectural delights combined with the wonderful sensations of a fluvial experience.


The Ponte Vecchio is one of the most renowned landmarks of the city of Florence. This world-famous bridge crosses the Arno river just downstream from the area where the river naturally presents its narrowest riverbed within the city of Florence, in its stretch upstream from the Cascine. The area of focus will be the Canottieri (rowing club), situated on the banks below the Uffizi. In ancient times, this was a ford. In 1565, the architect Giorgio Vasari built the Vasari corridor for Cosimo I. This secret passageway was constructed to connect the political and administrative centres of the Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti, the Medici’s private residence. This elevated corridor, about one kilometre long, was built in just five months, and starts at Palazzo Vecchio, runs through the Uffizi Gallery, along the Lungarno Archibusieri, and continues along the left bank (Oltrarno) to Palazzo Pitti.

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