Footbike in the Park of Migliarino – San Rossore

From the mouth of the Serchio to Torre del Lago Puccini

Location: Migliarino/Marina di Vecchiano
Type of activity: excursion by foot bike
Best period: all year long
Length and duration: 20.0 km, 4.0 h (including stops and lunch break).
Cost: group of 2 people = 75 €/per person; from 3 to 6 people = 55 €/per person.
Difficulty: easy.

After an initial briefing on the correct and safe use of the foot bike, the landscapes of the beautiful Migliarino – San Rossore – Massaciuccoli park will be our field of exploration: with the foot bike (sport scooter) we will ride along white roads, paths ( and also some asphalt) along the river and through the Mediterranean maquis until we reach Torre del Lago Puccini, where the famous composer wrote many of his works in his residence overlooking the lake.

Along the way, we will have the opportunity to discover unique places that reveal the nostalgic charm of the sea and the lake, especially in spring and low season. The dune and back dune environments, which are protected by specific regulations ( it is forbidden to climb up or cross them), are populated by pioneer fauna and flora that manage to live there despite the difficulties inherent in an environment that is so difficult to colonize and , for this very reason, extremely delicate.

What is included: rental of foot bike, helmet, professional environmental guide, short introductory lesson to the use of foot bike.

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