Exclusively Casentino Rafting

2 days on the route of the ‘Foderi’, the path of timber from the Casentino woods

River: Arno
Location: Poppi, Bibbiena, Subbiano, Casentino
Itinerary: Exclusively Casentino
Best time: from November to May
Length: 24Km
Price: 120 € per person plus overnight stay and dinner

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This two-day rafting excursion proposes the route taken by the ‘Foderi’ (log rafts), in other words, the timber rafts, which after being cut in the Casentino forest, were floated by raftsmen to Florence and Pisa since ‘200. The navigable route runs along the Casentino stretch of the Arno: the embarkation point is situated at the ancient river port of Poppi, where the ‘Foderi’ were made by the woodcutters, and the first stop is at another ancient river port in the area of Salutìo, where we disembark for an overnight stay at a farmhouse. The second stop will be at the village of Subbiano, where there are still ancient water works in an excellent state of preservation. The Arno, in this stretch, flows blue and transparent, especially in March and April when the snow melts on the Pratomagno mountains – the best period for the transportation of the log rafts. A unique experience to discover the Casentino, by following the route of the raftsmen.

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