Blue Arno Rafting in the Casentino

Where the Arno is still blue… Casentino’s best rafting

River: Arno
Location: Giovi d’Arezzo, Casentino
Itinerary: Blue Arno
Best time: from November to May
Duration: 1h 30m
Price: 45 € per person, 35€ for chidren

Casentino Rafting is synonymous with Blue Arno, a lively route to discover unknown parts where the river water flows blue and transparent over white, smooth rocks, among rapids, white foam, waterfalls and springs: an incredibly beautiful landscape, unexpected and accessible only by water. Halfway through the journey, is the ancient town of Borgo a Giovi, where findings have demonstrated first the presence of  prehistoric man and then the Etruscans in the VII-VI century B.C. Giovi was a crossroads of considerable interest with the subjugation of the city of Arezzo to Rome (III century B.C.), and owes its name to the construction of the temple dedicated to Giove. Along the path, are the ruins of bridges and paper mills and the picturesque town of Vado, perched on a rocky outcrop kissed by the sun. The best of Casentino rafting, only a 15-minute drive from the Arezzo motorway exit.

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