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These activities are not simple excursions, but rather experiences designed to offer something deeper and more meaningful to participants.

Outdoor activities can be designed for both individuals and groups, offering an opportunity for those seeking deeper and more meaningful experiences than simple outdoor activities.

These experiences offer many benefits, including:

Fun and adventure: Outdoor activities offer unique emotions and adventures that can be shared with other participants, creating lasting memories.

Knowledge and discovery: Exploring nature offers the opportunity to learn more about the surrounding environment, plant and animal species, and local geography.

Socializing and Connecting: Outdoor activities are a great way to meet new people, share common interests and build meaningful connections.

Health and Wellbeing: Spending time outdoors can improve physical and mental health, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

Team building and personal development: Outdoor activities can be used by companies to promote team building, improve communication and collaboration between employees and encourage personal and professional development.

Furthermore, having experiences in nature can lead to greater awareness of oneself and the surrounding environment, encouraging personal growth and positive change.

In summary, offering unique and meaningful outdoor experiences can be an extraordinary way for people to experience unforgettable and enriching moments, both individually and as part of a group or company.

Aquacard 2024

Complete 3 different activities with us (rafting, packrafting, rivertrekking, kayaking/canoeing), and we’ll offer the fourth to you

Download and print the AQUACARD, and every time you do an activity, enter the date and have it certified by the Guide who will accompany you: after three signatures you will be entitled to a free activity and you will be a true water hero!


1 all-outdoor WEEKEND

2 different activities on Saturday and Sunday:
let’s discover the Wild Maremma with RAFTING + TREKKING along the Ombrone river


let’s explore the uncontaminated nature along the Merse river with PACKRAFTING + TREKKING

We have many other proposals depending on needs in many areas of Tuscany. Write to us on info@t-rafting.com  for more information.

T-ravel Rafting

T-rafting è anche sinonimo di Travel Rafting, un modo affascinante e avventuroso di esplorare il mondo attraverso il rafting. Questa attività non solo offre emozioni e adrenalina sulle rapide dei fiumi, ma consente anche di scoprire paesaggi mozzafiato, tradizioni locali, cultura e cucina tipica dei luoghi visitati.

Viaggiare attraverso il rafting offre un’esperienza unica che permette di entrare in contatto diretto con la natura e con le comunità locali lungo i fiumi attraversati. Ogni tratta di rafting può offrire panorami diversi, dalla tranquillità dei fiumi di pianura alle rapide impetuose delle gole montane.

Se sei interessato a saperne di più su T-rafting e sulle opportunità di viaggio rafting che offrono, puoi contattare direttamente all’indirizzo email info@t-rafting.com per ricevere ulteriori informazioni e prenotare la tua prossima avventura.

Che tu sia un appassionato di rafting esperto o un novizio desideroso di esplorare nuove terre attraverso questa affascinante attività, T-rafting può offrire esperienze indimenticabili e opportunità di viaggio uniche.

Travel proposals

  • Trentino sul fiume Noce

  • Piemonte sul fiume Sesia

  • Umbria sui fiumi Corno e Nera

  • Liguria sul fiume Vara

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