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in harmony with nature
Where we are

The base T-rafting Val di Lima is located in Ponte Maggio, along the SS12 of Abetone and Brennero, in the wildest and most impressive part of the valley.

This area, called Dolomities of Val di Lima, is characterized by great limestone formations that give rise to white walls, steep slopes, cliffs and karst phenomena such as caves, concretions, springs, wet and dry gorges.

The surrounding mountains are covered with mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, such as chestnut, beech, maple and fir; whereas in the valley bottom and in the gorges you will see gnarled alders, hornbeams and willows wrapping with their roots cyclopean boulders covered with moss.

A few hundred meters upstream of the base, overlooking the Lima torrent, the Coccia stream flows into it. The Coccia torrent originates in an alpine environment; its transparent and icy water moved for centuries the blades of the mills whose ruins are still visible today. About 1 km downstream the Strette di Cocciglia, the famous canyon of Tuscany, begin..


T-rafting Val di Lima is not only a rafting base and outdoor center, but a place to be in harmony with the powerful and wild nature surrounding and hosting us. You will appreciate its majesty and purity.

The building, made of river stone, is housed in an old factory of local craftsmanship. (The valley was anciently famous for the realization of nativity scenes in plaster)
The furniture is made of recycled materials such as wood, pallets, straw, jute’s natural fiber and cotton.

Respect for the natural environment and connection with the energies of the valley are the right mood to be in, where you can regenerate, appreciate nature and be aware that you are not ‘using’ as a playground.


At T-rafting Val di Lima you can find many outdoor and adventure offers for all needs, for all ages and in different periods of the year: rafting in spring and autumn, pack rafting and river trekking during the summer, river kayaking ,trekking , hiking and wheeling all year round. We have also designed special adventures for the discovery of the surroundings such as the Valle del Coccia, Vico Pancellorum, the Balzo Nero, Monte Memoriante and much more. All activities are carried out safely with qualified and patented staff, such as rafting guides, environmental hiking guides, kayak instructors. Excursions can be done in English, French and German.