Kayaking with us

The Kayak, originally an Eskimo salt water craft for hunting, has evolved to a boat suitable for all types of aquatic environments; it is rightly considered to be one of the most ancient and versatile means of exploring the world’s Blue Tracks. If you’re already familiar with kayaking, you can choose guided descents on Tuscany’s most beautiful rivers, otherwise, if you would like to start learning or improve your technique, you can choose the most appropriate course, from basic to advanced, from eskimo courses to those on the ecology and dynamics of river environments. For fishermen, or those of you who would like to experience nautical camping and/or excursions, we have specific courses for the use of Sit-On-Top (SOT) kayaks, with external seats, which are very stable and ideal for practicing these activities without coming to any harm. T-rafting enables you to have fun safely, with all the technical support, gear and equipment necessary to practise this sport at the right level, either alone or in the company of old and new friends. Before participating in courses and excursions, it will be necessary to become a member of Aquaterra A.S.D