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Sieve Bridges and Tortelli Rafting

Historical bridges of the Sieve and typical flavours of the Mugello’s cuisine

River: Sieve
Location: Ponte a Vicchio, Mugello
Itinerary: Bridges & Tortelli
Best time: from November to May
Length: 5 Km
Price: 30 € per person

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This soft rafting route along the Sieve river in the Mugello will enable you to discover this incredible territory in a different way. The descent, with rafts, takes place on a particularly calm stretch of the river, flanked by a cycling path and rich in historical, architectural and gastronomical characteristics of considerable interest. We traverse Giotto’s native town (Vespignano, c.1267 – Florence, 8 January 1337, Italian painter and architect), and right near to the confluence with the Ensa estuary, there is the bridge reported to be that of Cimabue: here, according to legend, the great Master had occasion to appreciate the painting skills of Giotto. Moreover, along this same path is another historic bridge, that of Hannible, in the Sagginale area where the Carthaginian leader is said to have crossed the Sieve river. Finally, the town that gives its name to the path: Ponte a Vicchio, is well known throughout the Mugello (and further afield) for the restaurant Casa del Prosciutto, a must for all those who want to savour Mugello tortelli, cold cuts, wine, olive oil and desserts typical of the local culinary tradition.

Sieve, Ponti e Tortelli

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