Arezzo Outdoor Center

Ponte a Buriano, the blue Arno and the Arezzo area


Ponte Buriano Outdoor Center is an innovative project created with the Fondazione Arezzointour which is located in the Arezzo-Casentinese area. A nature reserve, the frame of the Buriano bridge which forms the background for the image of the Mona Lisa, the blue Arno and the Casentino mountains with the landscape of Leonardo da Vinci are the framework in which to practice outdoor water and land activities. Just 15 minutes from the Arezzo motorway exit and 10 from the historic center of the city, at the Ponte Buriano Outdoor Center you will discover an unexpected corner of Tuscany.


The Centre, which is located in an elementary school from another era, is home to a project for the development of the territory, environment, nature and culture. A large green area where you can relax and spend an entire day between fun, exploration, education with the feeling that time has never passed here…


At the T-rafting center in Arezzo, sporting and hiking activities are carried out throughout the year, suitable for all needs and for all ages, such as rafting, pack rafting and river trekking, trekking and even snow hiking. Everything is done in safety with qualified and certified personnel such as rafting guides, environmental excursion guides, kayak instructors. Activities are also available in English or French.